Assessment & Advisory Panel

Brand Advisory Panel
Mr Leo YIU
Vice President, Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong

Leo Yiu Chun Pong is a celebrated product designer based in Hong Kong who has risen to prominence with his compelling design style and prolific output. After graduation, Leo went on to elevate design departments with his unique vision, in companies both in Hong Kong and abroad, as well as extensive freelance design work for Vice Versa (Italy), Nextime (Amsterdam), and Hailo (Germany).

In his award-winning work as a project designer and manager for the better part of two decades, Leo has created over 200 products and created a niche all his own. His product design studio—PONG—begun in 2017, has pushed the boundaries of smart product design and formed a new bridge between aesthetics and application. While finding new beauty in old forms, his name has become synonymous with cutting-edge design that stands out in a broad range of product markets. Not only that but his timeless designs result in products that have true staying power in the market, and they remain sought after more than a decade after their initial release.

The output from his product design studio is based in products that make life smarter in a beautiful way, and with this simple mantra as a guiding force, Pong is making an impact across Asia and the rest of the globe. Creativity is never stifled, and thinking outside the box is essential. Working with new materials and manufacturing processes, PONG demonstrates the same flexibility on the technical side of production as its founder does in the creativity of his designs.

Leo was also a Visiting Fellow at the Hong Kong Design Institute and works with a number of equality-oriented design projects with the Hong Kong Polytechnic University and other innovative institutions. Leo has also won numerous awards for some of his most unique designs, including the 2010 Kapok Prize Best of the Best Award, IF Design Awards in both 2015 and 2017, and the Red Dot Design 2018 award. With an extensive list of international clients and a track record of design brilliance, PONG and its founder are bringing a fresh approach to the next generation of product design.

Mr Nelson CHAN
CEO, Wonderful Time International Limited

Nelson Chan, the CEO of Wonderful Time International Limited, has over 30 years of dedicated experience in the watch industry. Having served foreign clients through private label manufacturing, Nelson ventured into establishing his own Hong Kong watch brand in 1992. Leveraging his profound knowledge and technical skills in watchmaking, Nelson has successfully built a prestigious brand known for its precision, elegance, and innovative designs. His commitment to quality and craftsmanship has earned him partnerships with renowned retailers and distributors worldwide.

Mr. Karl LEUNG
Managing Director, Tung Hing Glass
Chairlady, Hong Kong Furniture and Decoration Trade Association

Ms. May LEUNG Ms. is the Executive Director of Profilia of West Germany (Far East) Limited. Under her leadership, the company has won numerous awards and accreditations, including the Hong Kong Top Ten Brand Names Awards, Hong Kong Q-Mark Product Scheme and Best SME’s Award. In addition to serving as Chairlady of HKF&DA, she is also a director of the Hong Kong Quality Brands Alliance. She actively engages in industrial activities and offers internship opportunities for students to cultivate young talents.

Mr. Teddy LIU
People Development Management Committee Member, The Hong Kong Management Association

Teddy is currently overseeing the Group Internal Audit function, responsible for the corporate governance, risk management, and compliance of one of the biggest property development group companies in Hong Kong. On the management services front, he is driving the group’s innovation process with setting the culture as the key, and realizing innovations through a structured innovation process by engaging all key stakeholders within and beyond the group. He is also responsible for planning, promoting and managing the group's corporate strategy, management system, process improvement and business and operational reviews. 

Teddy has been with the property development group for over 29 years with a wide range of experience from various roles undertaken within the group, including but not limited to accounting and finance, company secretarial services, merger & acquisition, corporate reorganization, business and change management, internal audit and risk management, talent development and corporate training.  On talent development and corporate training, Teddy had helped the group to establish their corporate university with comprehensive training curricula for all talents of the group, helping them to grow along with the development of the group.

Mr. Liu holds the Certified Public Accountants designation and is a member of various professional bodies in the field of accounting, company secretary and taxation. He is elected as a Council Member for the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants for a term of two years from 2021 to 2023. He also holds a Juris Doctor degree from The Chinese University of Hong Kong and an MBA degree from The University of Hong Kong.