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The Glass Vacuum Tumbler - BREW Series

For the past 80 years, Camel has strived to open up new horizons in order to stay relevant and keep pace with user's dynamic and transitional drinking culture and habits. Through the REMIX program, Camel joined forces with Pong to forge a new horizon with an innovative product series - BREW.

In the true spirit of collaboration, the co-founder of Pong, Leo wanted to preserve the classic scalloped groove of Camel flasks in his new design and integrated it with a collapsible tea infuser and coffee dripper kit to create a modern tumbler that will catch the eyes of the younger market. The BREW series allows tea and coffee lovers to observe the ritual of preparing and drinking tea or coffee on the go, without compromising on the flavours and temperature of their beverage. The spill-resistant tumbler comes in silver, pink, white and gold, adding a touch of vibrancy and individuality that will fit into any modern tea drinkers' lifestyle.

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Glass Vacuum Flasks & Metalware

During the 1930s, the Leung family travelled between Hong Kong and Penang to conduct trade business. In order to secure a steady supply of vacuum flasks, Wei Yit Vacuum Flasks Manufactory Limited was set up over 80 years ago in 1940. Camels are known as the “ship of the desert” as well as their exceptional endurance character, hence the Leungs took this name for the brand, upholding the spirit of diligence and hard work. Camel flasks are famous for their glass inners, and they became a household must-have item. They were also very popular as dowry and wedding gifts. The well-known amusing tagline [一味靠滾 認真好膽] is still fondly remembered.

Everything was ceased only 6 months into production due to the Japanese Occupation in 1941, but business quickly resumed soon after the war with flask Model 147. This has an iconic grooved design to add stiffness to the flask, provide a better grip and give it a more beautiful appearance. It revolutionised the design of flasks at the time, and made a name for the Camel brand.

In 1956, all the factory departments moved under one roof in Tai Kok Tsui, enabling the business to grow rapidly. Since the 1970s, in addition to the South East Asia, the brand extended into the European and United States markets. We collaborated with a number of manufacturers to produce customised products, and the company's business became further consolidated. By the early 1980s, demand was enormous and all ten production departments were moved to the second purposed built New Camel House in Kowloon Bay, which has since been revitalised and became Camlux Hotel.

Despite the mass movement of Hong Kong factories to Mainland China in the 80s and 90s, we were resolved to keep our roots here and grow with Hong Kong, maintaining local production and development. Today, Camel produces glass inner vacuum flasks, coffee flasks, food jars and ice buckets. There has also been a shift in design from traditional to more youthful styles. In recent years, the flasks have become popular Hong Kong souvenirs amongst overseas Chinese and tourists alike.

Wei Yit Vacuum Flasks Manufactory Limited is very proud to be the only factory in Hong Kong manufacturing vacuum flasks, living up to our name, ‘Wei Yit’ - the only one.

Design Teams

Pong Company Limited

Pong is the brainchild of award-winning Hong Kong-based designer Leo Yiu Chun Pong. With a focus on smart product design, Pong products are interesting and functional. Modern in design but timeless in functionality, Pong products are built to inspire and last. At Pong, we believe that even the most common object has a soul.

Every Pong product has a reason behind its design. We make sure our products are just a touch more unique than the ordinary, so that anyone can live each day smarter, anytime. While Pong strives to innovate and design one-of-a kind creations, our goal is to make sure our clients' expectations are met and exceeded.