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Collaboration Crossover Works

Established for over 60 years, Chicks is a popular classic brand in Hong Kong, has been focusing on manufacturing innerwear for different seasons all year round, producing simple, comfortable and high-quality products. First time ever, Rolland, Lincoln and Stanley, three designers from different professional fields formed a team and collaborated with Chicks under ReMIX program. Their crossover work brought in art, technology and sustainability elements to Chicks' brand identity.

Pocket ScarfWarmer

The packable ScarfWarmer integrates art, lifestyle for styling, The smart textile implanted in recycle nylon acts as a toasty neck warmer and can be controlled over a smartphone app.

Seamless Pouch StrapWarmer

Seamless Pouch Strap Warmer is made of upcycling or sustainable materials. The heartwarming smart textile embedded inside the strap offers soothing touch with a flick of switch, powered by an ultra slim power bank.

Resin Cloth Vase DIY Box

Recycle, Art, Planting, Inherited.

Parents buy clothes for their children. When clothes are worn out and it can be transformed to "Resin Cloth Flowerpot" and inherit to the next generation. The DIY Box guides you to create flower pot art from used clothes for planting. An eco-friendly product uses food safe and non-toxic EPOXY resin. It has zero VOC, which means no solvents or harmful odors are used. With this DIY box, you can create flower pot art from used clothes for planting easily!

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Innerwear Clothing & Towels

Bringing hugs to everybody

Chicks is an iconic innerwear brand that embraces your body like a big hug. People trust Chicks apparel because of its enduring quality, innovative comfort and timeless style. We have always lived up to a simple promise - we bring the best to you and your family as we would for ours.

The Chicks story begins in 1930s Hong Kong, a place quite different from the sophisticated wealthy city of today. Life was tough, but the Tam family took a chance and opened the Chun Au Knitting Factory to get into the garment export business. Long hours, strong teamwork, persistence and a little luck finally paid off, winning orders and making our footprint in the garment industry.

The birth of an icon

The business held on and survived the conflicts of the 1940s. During the 50s, Hong Kong was full of uncertainty. Even water was scarce. That’s when Chun Au launched Chicks brand. Chicks grew from a desire to raise people’s spirits and aspirations by offering local people better clothes to wear and putting food on the tables of workers and suppliers. The brand’s original logo featured three little chicks signifying contentment, leisureness and entrepreneurship.

Growing prosperity

Back then people resonated with our brand motto as the three chicks perfectly captured the spirit of the times. Chicks became a huge family favourite over the following decades. Quality underwear was rare in the market. People loved our durable garments that helped them stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Aspired to Chicks motto, many Hong Kong homes even displayed the colourful Chicks poster of the three little birds.

Design Teams


agape design limited is the first resin art brand in Hong Kong. Its founder, Rolland Cheung Wui Hei, initiates “Art is Life” concept – to let art integrates with life. He has held exhibitions in Paris, Taiwan, the Mainland and Macau, with first solo art exhibition in Taipei.

IVO, Lincoln SzeTo, is a seasoned fashion designer. He has collaborated with Lane Crawford to showcase his fashion products. With vast knowledge in wide range of materials and impeccable senses, he designed the “New Normal Mask” which is a multifunctional and reusable facemask with light-up feature.

KnitWarm’s Founder and Creative Director, Stanley Kwok Chi Hung, is a specialist in knitting design who has developed a series of KnitWarm products with patented innovative heat-conductive knitting technology that can be used in daily life. His innovation brought him many awards including the Red Dot Awards, the ISPO Award and other international awards.