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Collaboration Crossover Works

Through the ReMIX program, Red Apple had collaborated with Evan from One Object Design Studio (the first design company the brand had ever worked with) and created the Red Apple wits series to bring modern and contemporary lifestyle, with smarter and more convenient home experience for Hong Kong domestic environment. It combined light-tech function, such as wireless charging, UVC sanitization and LED lighting into design, together to ease people's needs in their daily life, and bring more convenient and intuitive experience in their home.


A side table with 2 layers of panels for easy and practical storage of your laptops, mobile phones, remote control or any small things. A wireless charger underneath the top panel for easy charging accessibility. The small lower panel provides more privacy space for your personal belongings. A basket at the base of the table provides more steadfastness and storage space.


A multi-function indoor stool, blending storage and UV light cleaning properties into a compact form factor. Daily items such as children's toys, miscellanies or mail matters can be stored and UV cleaned at once. The UV light module is detachable and chargeable via USB-C. Simply press the button and wait for 20 minutes for it to finish the cleaning. The stool is made with solid timber and the exterior is covered in fabric, creating a homely visual while the soft cushioned seat provides physical comfort.


A compact container designed for cleaning personal items, such as keys, wallets and phones. The detachable UV module can clean items inside the box within 12 minutes. The fabric exterior also makes it blend in better with the home environment.

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Red Apple

Home Furniture

Beginning in the 80s, relying on state-of-the-art facilities (400,000sqm production plant), ensuring High Quality and Safety of Our Furniture and truly understand what Our Customers Want and Need, Red Apple Furniture has become a Household Name in Hong Kong and China.

To keep up and cope with a deluge of consumer demand for tailormade furniture, since 2009, we’ve been investing substantially in Fully Automated Tailormade Furniture Production Facilities which greatly reduce the Production Costs, reduce the error rate and significantly Improved Product Quality. As a result, customers could get High Quality Tailor-made furniture at an affordable price.

Design Teams

One Object Design Studio

The founder and creative director of One Object Design Studio, Evan Ma Yiwei, had worked in Huawei Smart Home Design Department, Lenovo Advanced Design Lab, Philips Design etc. His designs are known for minimalistic and practical characteristics, unearthing innovation in life and demonstrating reality and functionality in his products.

One Object Design Studio has worked with both renowned international brands and small and medium enterprises, designing transport and mobilities, smart home Internet of Things (IoT) devices, consumer electronics, domestic appliances and home furniture etc.