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Collaboration Crossover Works

Pond Vase

The vase is made of porcelain and glass. Creating a levitating effect, it holds the flowers in the centre with an elegantly made Tung Hing glass exterior that protects the Yuet Tung fine porcelain tube. It namely ‘Pond Vase’ is to depict and capture the classic exquisite Chinese garden scene.

Oriental Table Lamp

The lighting effect is designed to be soft and comfortable to match the room's interior setting. An elegant bedside light, the Oriental Table Lamp consists of a glass ball shade and a porcelain base. The transparent glass shade creates a roomy atmosphere while the base functions as a dish to hold small items such as keys, earrings and other accessories. With Yuet Tung's classic GuangCai fighting rooster prints circling the inner ring, the vivid red and black coloured prints provide a modern and fresh appearance.

Oriental Oil Lamp

Inspired by nostalgic memory and Tung Hing’s expertise in producing oil lamps, the tubular glass Oriental Oil Lamp is great atmospheric lighting for festive events, gatherings and special occasions. It also comes with a dish-shaped porcelain base printed with classic GuangCai fighting roosters for placing your accessories.

Brands 2021

Tung Hing Glass

Home Decoration & Glassware

Yuet Tung China Works

Yuet Tung China Works is the only decorated porcelain factory in Hong Kong. Formerly known as Kam Wah Loong Porcelain, the factory was founded by Tso Lui Chung in Kowloon City in 1928. Later, it was relocated to Kowloon Bay Industrial Centre and renamed as Yuet Tung China Works. It is now managed by the third-generation, Tso Chi Hung, who still insists on local production.

Tung Hing Glass

Tung Hing Glass & Metalware MFY Co., LTD. is established in year 1936 in Hong Kong. Our company has been engaged in the design, manufacturing and sale of glassware, kerosene lamp, metal ware.

Our factory is located in DongGuan districts of the PRC. We specialize in glass craftworks of machine-press, hand-made, centrifugal, mouth-blown and curved glass. We also provide metal ware products which come with the glass craftworks and separately. Furthermore, we have special fragrance bath oil and salt hold with the glass bottle. We have our lamp oil that go with the kerosene lamp are one of the best selling items in our product line.

We could provide a wide-ranged glass categories and also able to custom-made a product according the necessity of the customer. This could help us to satisfy all kinds of requirements from the overseas market and local market.

Tung Hing has put its emphasis on producing products of excellent workmanship and high quality at reasonable prices. Tung Hing also stresses on providing the customers with first class service and full satisfaction. We always strive to put the customers' needs on the highest priority.

Design Teams


Afterwork is formed by a trio of industrial product designers: Lo Chi Shing, Joletta Pang Ka Yu and Thomas To Yik Kei. We aim to create design solutions with clear rationale, contextual relevance and simple form. With the understanding of materiality and the manufacturing process, we bring everyday observation and local culture in ideas and objects. Participated in projects with multinational clients and start-up companies such as Rosenthal, Philips, Logitech and Serafino Zani, we have worked on various designs that cover different typologies ranging from household goods, furniture, kitchenware to consumer electronics. We hope to expand the boundaries of industrial design and consider the wider aspects of product branding, communication and photography.