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【5 January】ReMIX New Product Launch Ceremony

With Create Hong Kong (CreateHK) of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region as the Lead Sponsor, the first “ReMIX · Yesterday’s Future, Invent Tomorrow!” (ReMIX) program spearheaded by the Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK) aims to bring new generation of designers and Hong Kong classic brands together to create products that not only exemplify the unique values of Hong Kong culture but also with competitive market value. Five teams have been matched up under the program in mid-2021 and they succeeded in developing and manufacturing a total of 22 products for the six participating classic brands by December. 

The ReMIX New Product Launch Ceremony was organised on 5 January 2022 to unveil the accomplishment of the first ReMIX program to leaders of the local business community and the media. Mr. Victor Tsang Chiu Hok, Head of CreateHK officiated at the ceremony as the Guest of Honour and gave the opening speech, while Mr. Leung Chun Fai, President of IDSHK, delivered the welcome speech on the same occasion. Mr. Tsang appreciated the crossover products by the participating teams, and thanked IDSHK and all supporting parties for organising the ReMIX which promoted collaboration between local designers and classic brands.   

The ReMIX program is led by the design teams, from innovative concepts to product development. At the ceremony, the five design teams and representatives of the six classic brands introduced their crossover products and shared their design journeys and collaboration experience on stage, with over 100 industry players from industrial / product design, product manufacturing, brand development, retail and other related fields and the media in the ceremony. They hoped that their successful experience could inspire and encourage the local commercial and manufacturing industries to step up their collaboration with industrial / product designers, thus bringing more business opportunities to Hong Kong classic brands and helping to promote their cultural values to the international community. There were also guided tours of the ReMIX products for the VIPs and media before and after the ceremony hosted by the participating design teams and brands’ representatives.

The result of the first ReMIX program well demonstrated the new power of Hong Kong design. IDSHK hopes that more local industrial designers will infuse new energy into traditional industries and thus creating a prosperous future together.