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About ReMIX

“ReMIX.Yesterday’s Future, Invent Tomorrow!” (ReMIX), Creative Business Partnership Program is organised by Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK).

Entering the 3rd edition, ReMIX is continuously increasing the participation of brands and designers as well as enhancing the diversification of collaboration brands. 

 In its 1st and 2nd editions,  ReMIX matched nine local design teams with eleven premium brands and created over 40 striking crossover products.  These products were not only successfully launched in the Hong Kong market, but they also participated in various international exhibitions and garnered high praise.  Furthermore, the products received great attention from the international design industry, entrepreneurs, and consumers.

Project Theme

A creative business partnership program to connect and spur business collaboration between design professionals and premium brands on a much broader basis, while capturing cross-industry synergies and brand leveraging strategy in elevating the profiles of local creative markets and driving market recognition on the professional practice of creative service, product and industrial design in particular, a sustained growth in long run.


Founded in 2002, Industrial Designers Society of Hong Kong (IDSHK) aims to promote the state-of-the-art and professional practice of Hong Kong’s industrial design (ID), and to leverage its status. Over the years, IDSHK has been committed to promoting and striving for the rights of industrial designers by enhancing their competitiveness, providing them with industry-related knowledge and promoting exchanges with local, the Mainland and international professional organisations. IDSHK has successfully established collaborations and strategic alliance partnership with industrial bodies and education institutes and is continuing to support industrial design education. 

IDSHK grasps the pulse of the society and technology evolvements with innovative ideas to provide members with updated relevant knowledge and connections to keep pace with the times. Gather all parties’ strength and cooperate to create a brilliant future design prospect.

Ball Cheung
Chairman's Statement, IDSHK

The design industry in Hong Kong, like the general public, was affected by the pandemic in the past three years. However, the designers have never stopped.  They continue to collaborate with premium brands to make a breakthrough. IDSHK sincerely thanks The Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region for sponsoring the 1st and 2nd editions of the ReMIX program under the scheme “Create Hong Kong”, and is grateful for the support from local premium brands and assessment panellists. We thank designers from different fields who make the ReMIX brand and designer matching program a huge success.

As the youngest chairman of IDSHK, I will walk together with the mentors, old and new friends alike in the industry and collaborate with peers from various  sectors dedicated to promoting the professional creative industry in Hong Kong. I hope that in the future, when people think of high-quality products, they will  envision more outstanding Hong Kong designs.

We are now launching the 3rd edition of ReMIX and will continue to connect Hong Kong designers with premium brands. By nourishing the creative industry  and exploring different aspects of brands, we can bring the persistent spirit of Hong Kong to the world.

Yesterday’s Future,
Invent Tomorrow!
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Important Dates
Application Starts:
Email & Online - Phase II starting from 22 December 2023
Deadline for 1st Step of Application (submit CV and portfolio):
17 January 2024
Deadline for 2nd Step of Application (submit brand choices, collaboration propositions and insights):
21 January 2024
Feb 2024
February 2024
New Product Development and Production:
January to September 2024