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Brands 2023-2024

Laws Knitters


With state-of-the-art knitting technology and 50 years of expertise, Laws Knitters is committed to providing one-stop solutions for innovative knitted products and brand development. The Brand is devoted to sustainability and to promote art and culture, and has been utilizing recycled yarn from old fabrics and fishing nets for customizable knitted products, knit art, and yarn bombing. Laws Knitters has been collaborating with different international and local brands and institutions, such as M+ Museum, The Hong Kong Palace Museum, MINI, Nike, agnès b, and local designer brand hoopla, passing on the knitting craftsmanship to everyday life.

-Provides one-stop solution for customized knit products design and production

-Facilitate the development of the manufacturing industry through reindustrialization and rebranding

-Support local design brands and designers as part of the “Business for Social Good” initiatives

-Promote sustainable knitting production

-Foster the development of knit art and co-brand collaboration

-Promote the heritage of the local craftsmanship and knitting culture to the general public