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Kittenish Playground Series

Kittenish Playground Series have five types of pet furniture and take the playground as the concept which is made of scratch-resistant fabric, solid oak and E0 standard ecological plywood. This series show the world where the design team realizes the harmony between humans and pets through the cross-perspective concept.  Kittenish Playground Series include rocking chair, coffee table, cat-shaped footstool, cat-shaped cabinet and tunnel sofa.

  1. Rocking chair with colorful fabric and hanging puffy balls
  2. The glass top of coffee table design with swing like rocking space let cats laying on it and interact with owners
  3. cat-shaped footstool under space where cat can rest on or store other items. The cat ears shape handrail and the bottom wheels for necessary movement.
  4. The cat-shape cabinet with colorful fabric ears and legs can be assembled and combined according to the user's storage space requirements.
  5. The tunnel sofa, cats can play in the tunnel of sofa and increase the interaction between cats and their owners. Sofa can be separated with single left and right to use, double or a full set.

Brands 2022-2023


Mattress & Bedding Products

Unlimited Creation. Create Opportunity.

"PROFILIA” comes from a famous German brand. In 1978, Profilia founded its first branch office in Hong Kong called Profilia of West Germany (Far East) Ltd.   Profilia launched its first “Warm Winter, Cool Summer” double-sided Mattress Series.  In order to expand the brand business, Profilia focused on product diversity by having wide varieties of pillow, bedding, fabric, leather goods, comb, wood, and stone. Profilia is also the first brand in Hong Kong to provide mattress warranty, which set a new milestone for the history of Hong Kong!   Additionally, Profilia is also the first mattress company to be legally certified by the Hong Kong Government. Therefore,  Profilia provided services for large scale international organizations, including restaurants, households, hotels, cruises, real estates, etc.

Profilia possesses advanced technology, and with strict product specifications and exquisite craftsmanship.  With high dedication toward production of highly durable products, Profilia won the Hong Kong Design Centre D-award in 2018, announced that they’re the top 50 designer brands for the passed 50 years.  PROFILIA collaborated with the Baptist University in 2019 to discover and explore on production of furniture design, and had been recognized by the "Geneva International Invention Award”, identified as one of the best in the world.

Break the old mindset. Creation is unlimited.

"Profilia” actively promotes the functionality and design of furniture products. “Profilia” not only focus on the quality, comfort, appearance and material. Which they focus more on product design, branding, and environmental functions. By establishing an uniqueness of personal taste of space, a variety of cultural background, fashion, and economic development became essential for all users. Furniture and decoration  industry focus on design quality, innovation, and attention to details. They constantly seek to strengthen innovation technology, and produce high valued products as their direction.

Design Teams


Formed by a fashion designer Toto Chan Iong Tai and an industrial designer Karson Wong Kar Soon, O-Vision symbolises the concept of cross-perspectives – begin each design with the most essential needs, and rethink the future feasibility of the design through different views and perspectives. They hope to explore and discover more future possibilities for cooperation between industrial design and different fields through the concept of cross-perspectives.